In this Episode, Pastor Dan Hanshew and I (Joel Madasu) discuss the important topic: Why learning biblical languages is important.




A pastor is a teacher of the Bible

A pastor is responsible before the Lord of what he teaches.

A Pastor’s goal should be to try in his study to get back as close as he can to the primary source.




Dealing with sources close to the primary sources - not tied with anyone’s translation.

If you know the original languages, you don’t have to rely on other interpretations.

It allows you to see some nuances of the text.

It allows the pastor to see the grammatical and syntactical outline.

It often allows the pastor to focus more on his work.




Takes dedication

Takes time to learn languages

When you know languages, it can make sermon preparation laborious, and time-consuming.

With hard work, they tend to communicate what the text says.

The pastor who knows the languages needs to realize that more church people need application; they need explanation.


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