In this episode, I explain briefly, why treasuring God's Word is important! Please subscribe to The Plain Sense YouTube channel as well!

Brian Wagner is an instructor at Veritas Bible College, Virginia. He also teaches at Piedmont International University, and South Florida Bible Colle...View Details

Joel Madasu:                00:00:00           Welcome to the Plain Sense podcast where the life changing word of God is made accessible and understan...View Details

How Do We Go About Making Changes in the Church without Destroying the Church? Interview with Dr. Ken Killen, Pastor of Maxwell Hill Baptist Church, B...View Details

In this Episode, Pastor Dan Hanshew and I (Joel Madasu) discuss the important topic: Why learning biblical languages is important.   Assumptions:   A ...View Details

  In the Septuagint (Old Testament in the Greek Language), a phrase in Isaiah 9:6 is rendered as "Mighty Counselor of God," when the Hebrew Text says,...View Details

What does it mean to be called into a Pastoral Ministry? Pastor Dan Hanshew from Crossroads Baptist Church, NC, explains this question along with righ...View Details

Do you believe in second chances of life?   The readers in the Ephesian Church were taught to "radically" put off then old person because that is what...View Details

In this episode, I suggest SEVEN things that we should do this new year (2019). Make God our Priority (Matt. 6:33) Know Christ better day by day Love ...View Details

Christ came to accomplish His mission.   To share the good news (Isaiah 61:1-2b) To Seek and Save the Lost! (Luke 19:10) To offer forgiveness for sin...View Details

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